About us

Dubhe: your reliable partner and a guide towards high quality aftermarket solutions.

About Us

Dubhe: the evolution of the aftermarket in Italy

Dubhe is the Italian distributor specialised in spare parts for trucks and commercial vehicles, with a strong focus on engines, gearboxes, differentials and their components.

Dubhe takes its name after one of the brightest stars. It’s also a symbol of the ambition of becoming a reliable reference partner capable to guide a customer towards aftermarket solutions with the
highest quality standards.

Thanks to the technical and production expertise raised in Turin since 1983 and in Bologna since 1969 (two iconic cities of the Italian automotive industry), Dubhe offers a wide product range under private labels and premium brands.

The group

Move as one

As the Group distribution company, Dubhe officially started in January 2024, the year that marked a turning point in the history of its three founding companies: Mec-Diesel Srl, C.E.I. Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi SpA and LE.MA S.r.l.

These three companies based in the most iconic cities of the Italian automotive industry share automotive culture and now join their forces to become a key player in the European aftermarket.

Long-established private labels
Warehouse stock items
38.000 sq
For production and storage
Our Mission

Your reference point for commercial vehicles repairing

The company achieved a leading position on the market made easier by a presence throughout domestic market as well as by a growing foreign distribution network. This makes Dubhe a benchmark for spare parts requested for commercial vehicles repairing, offered with our private labels and our partners’ brands.

Our mission is:

Identification and development of new part numbers to be added to the range

Logistic investments for providing bigger product availability

Even faster shipments

The Company goal is to become a European reference partner for truck and commercial vehicle epairing.

We ensure..

quality and reliability same as the original product.

It guarantees.

The most extensive range for the European commercial vehicle fleet.

Customer Oriented Service

Dubhe, through its network of branches and warehouses, is committed to ensuring strategic coverage of the territory in order to reach the customer in an increasingly efficient way.rete di filiali e depositi, si impegna a garantire una copertura strategica del territorio al fine di raggiungere in maniera sempre più performante il cliente. ​

People beyond the company

The need to cultivate an increasingly close and loyal relationship with the customer translates into present and attentive customer care throughout the shopping experience, from before to after sales.

Immediate availability

Thanks to the optimization of production spaces and the investment in new cutting-edge logistics facilities, Dubhe guarantees the customer a constantly expanding range and the immediate availability of more than 40,000 references in stock.

Fast and easy orders

The Dubhe shop provides customers with a catalog that is always updated and full of information on the products available in the range. Thanks to this important digital tool, spare parts and correctors can place orders quickly and independently.

Technical expertise

Three Italian brands tell the identity and authority of three companies with more than 40 years of history. The Dubhe sales division, thanks to the solid technical preparation developed on the engine, transmission, chassis and trailer, is able to support the customer in identifying the correct spare part.

R&D and Quality

Dubhe counts continuous research and development among its strengths in order to respond promptly to market demands and to ensure high quality standards for its customers.

Our Values

Dubhe: at the service of spare parts dealers and engine rebuilders

Customer-focused service

Through its network of branches and warehouses, Dubhe is committed to ensuring strategic coverage of the territory in order to reach its customers in an increasingly efficient way.

People beyond the company

The need to cultivate increasingly close and loyalty-based relationships with customers translates into customer care, which is effectively maintained throughout the entire purchasing experience, from pre- to post-sale.

Immediate availability

Thanks to the optimisation of the production area and the investment in new state-of-the-art logistics facilities, Dubhe guarantees its customers a continuously expanding product range and the immediate availability of over 50,000 products in stock.​

Technical expertise

Three Italian brands represent three reliable companies with over 40-years history. Thanks to its solid technical background in the fields of engine, gearbox, and differential repair, Dubhe’s sales department is able to help customers to identify a correct spare part.

R&D and Quality

Thanks to its continuous research and development, Dubhe is able to promptly respond to the market demands and ensure high quality standards for its customers.


A new chapter beginning in the partner companies history

Cei SpA and Le.ma Srl are founded

Cei and Lema are founded in Anzola dell'Emilia (BO) and Desio (MI), respectively

Mec-Diesel Srl is founded

Mec-Diesel is founded in Turin, opening its first location.

Inauguration of Cei France Sasu

Cei opens its first French branch close to Paris.

Acquisition of Centro Rotazione Diesel Srl

Mec-Diesel acquires Rettifica Ing. Martoglio – CRD SpA, today known as Centro Rotazione Diesel Srl.

Acquisition of Mec-Diesel South-East Europe

Mec-Diesel acquires Mec-Diesel SEE, entering the Romanian market with multiple branches located throughout the country.

Acquisition of Mec-Diesel Bulgaria

Mec-Diesel expands into Bulgaria to gain direct access to the Bulgarian market.

Acquisition of Erar Srl

Mec-Diesel carries out a merger by incorporation of Erar Srl, a Lombardy-based company specialised in different product lines, such as lighting, brake systems, suspension, and compressed air.

The partnership between CEI SpA and Le.ma Srl

The partnership between Cei and Lema becomes official.

The partnership between CEI SpA and Mec-Diesel Srl

A new strategic alliance is formed between Mec-Diesel Group and Cei Group in order to compete on the automotive aftermarket at the European level.

Dubhe Srl is founded
Dubhe is founded: a reference point specialised in engines, gearboxes and differentials, and their
components. Dubhe is named Mec-Diesel, Cei and Lema products distributor.
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